How To Start An Online Business From Scratch *Easy Way*

Hi this is Moad, in this post I want to share with you some easy steps to start a business online, the fast way not the guru way. It may be a long post.

Let’s make things clear, there is no overnight success formula ok. But there are ways that are quicker than others.

First thing, know what kind of lifestyle you want. Yes, I mean it seriously. Many people start in business because they want to be able to allow themselves to live a dream life, but they end up in businesses that take 100% of their life and energy, and the end up burning out and giving up!

There are many businesses that you can start with very low cost, here some ideas:
– Affiliate Marketing
– Dropshipping (E-commerce)

– Amazon FBA etc…

My personal favorite is affiliate marketing because it comes with less headache and less responsibility.

Affiliate marketing simply explained means, promoting someone else’s product or service and earn a commission every time you make a sale or you bring a qualified lead to the owner.

There are 2 main categories of affiliate products:
– digital products (info products, services)
– fisical products ( products)

Now that we know the 2 main segments, here are some more details. Digital products are great because they give you a commission that is really high, we’re talking about +50% or sometimes even +90% of front end purchases. If you promote a digital product that costs ex. 100$ means you could earn up to 90$ in commissions.

By promoting physical products, instead is up to 10% commission, ex. amazon gives max 10% commission on products sold.

If you’re looking to promote digital products you can find them in sites like Clickbank , cj affiliate, maxbounty, terraleads etc..

Now that you have the products the question that you may ask your self is how can I promote them?There are 2 main ways:-Paid traffic (ads)-Organic Traffic

Let’s talk about ads. It consist in paying platforms like facebook, adwords, bing etc to drive traffic to a presale page (landing page) and then from there to your affiliate offer.

Lets say you spend 100$ in ads, you got 500 clicks at 0,20$. Ok 500 visitors to you landing page right? Now let’s say your page converts in sales at only 0,5% (which is ridiculously low ball normally you can get easily +3% to 24%) mean you have made 2.5 Sales! If every commission of this sales has an average of 70$ means you have made 175$ in your pocket. Now you remove the ad spend (175$-100$) you left with 75$ profit.Yes, the beauty about it is that you can scale it to bigger numbers. ex. you spend 1000$/day or even 10k$/day or more!

This article is only an easy and quick explanation of how things works, if you’re interested to learn more about it, live a comment below, an UPvote would be more than appreciated 🙂

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Best wishes to your journey

Make it a great day!


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