Dropshipping success story

Hello everyone, Almost 6 weeks ago I´ve started my paid traffic and Dropshipping journey. The 20/09 I paid for the first monthly fee for shopify.
dropshipping success story

I had promised myself that this time I would focus on only one thing and not try every 3 days something new. This was my biggest problem!!

I’ve started testing every day 3-4 products with 6 adset each one. After testing +35 products and spending +2000$, I had finally found a good one.
It started to make some nice sales, I was around 500$/day but then I´ve decided to risk by putting higher budget.
Long story short, my product was the right one, I got +3000$ in 12h.

Things went so fast that I’ve discovered that my credit card had monthly limits! Now that I’ve understand how facebook works and ordered new credit card, I´m planning to killin it next months by achieving +xxxxxx/day revenue.

I´ll keep you updated!

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